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With its mid-wheel drive technology, the Salsa-M electric powered wheelchair is able to deliver an extremely compact turning circle, allowing for great indoor manoeuvrability. A narrow width and very low seat height ensures that you're able to navigate through doorways and confined spaces effortlessly. 


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All-wheel independent suspension

The patended QUICKIE all-wheel independent suspension ensures shocks and bumps are absorbed when riding over obstacles. The result - a softer and smoother ride in your electric powered wheelchair over rough or uneven terrain.


The powered wheelchair with an ultra small turning circle

Due to it's mid-wheel drive technology, the Salsa-M powered wheelchair can turn on its own axis, giving an ultra small turning circle that provides excellent indoor maneuverability in compact environments. In comparison, rear-wheel and forward-wheel power wheelchairs need to 'swing' around on its front or rear drive wheels, resulting in a wider turning circle.


The powered wheelchair that's intuitive to drive

When navigating a forward or rear-wheel powered wheelchair around the home, you must always take into account the 'swing' nature of the powerchair. The Salsa-M, due to its tighter turning circle, is more intuitive to drive, as you don't need to consider additional space for swinging the powerchair around - ideal for those who may have difficulty driving a powered wheelchair or using switches/head controls. In addition, the position of the seat directly over the drive wheel adds more weight on the drive wheel. This increases traction decreases sliding - for better all-round outdoor performance.


Elimination of pitching

QUICKIE Anti-pitch technology helps prevent your powered wheelchair from pitching forward and backwards on slopes or when navigating hills, always keeping you stable with the minimum of movement... and you're still able to climb a 70mm kerb!




  • Seat Width: 41-51cm
  • Seat Height: 40-47cm
  • Seat Depth: 41-51cm
  • Backrest Height: 46-51cm
  • Armrest Height: 22-31cm
  • Overall Width: 60cm
  • Overall Length: 110cm
  • Frame: Rigid
  • Speed: 6 and 10kph
  • Battery Size: 50 Ah
  • Maximum Range: 26km
  • Seat Tilt: Mechanical: 0˚ - 9˚; Powered: 0° - 30° / optional -5° - +25°
  • Back Recline: Powered: 0° - 30°
  • Turning Radius: 61cm
  • Maximum Safe Slope: 8º
  • Maximum Kerb Climb: 7.5 cm
  • Electronics: VR2 as standard with two actutors plus lights & indicators. R-net LED with six actuator control plus lights & indicators (option).
  • Maximum User Weight: 140kg


 Please note this product is a bespoke item, which is made to order with an approximate build time of between 3-8 weeks and is non returnable. Speak to one of the team to discuss options. 

 Chronically sick or users with a disabling condition qualify for 0% VAT. To purchase at this price we will ask you to complete a VAT exemption form which will be sent to you with your purchase.

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