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Iskio Visco Cushion

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The ISKIO Visco cushion is made entirely of memory foam with different bearing capacities. Thanks to the viscoelastic foam characteristics, this technical cushion is able to provide optimum distribution of pressure. 

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  • 40cm (16 inches)
  • 43cm (17 inches)
  • 46cm (18 inches)
  • 50cm (20 inches)
  • 40cm (16 inches)
  • 43cm (17 inches)
  • 45cm (18 inches)


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Our top selling specialist wheelchair cushion from Pharmaouest.

The memory foam insert enables the cushion to mould around the buttocks, thus ensuring that pressure is relieved around the bony prominences in at-risk areas. The rear cutout and seat shape are specifically designed to relieve pressure in the ischial and sacrococcygeal areas.

Recommendations for use

Use of the cushion is designed for people with a risk of pressure ulcers most often linked to static posture problems while sitting (sliding to the front of the seat, with too much support on the sacrococcygeal area), for use either at home or in care facilities for dependent elderly persons.


  • Width: 40cm (16") - 50cm (19.5")
  • Depth: 40cm (16") - 45cm (17.5")
  • Height: 105cm (4.5")
  • Memory foam: 80 kg/m3 (5 lbs/ft3 )
  • Pharmatex cover: 65% polyurethane, 35% polyester
  • Anti-slip bottom: 57% polyurethane, 43% polyester
  • User weight between 40 - 130kg

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Pharmaouest have been manufacturing pressure care products such as air and static mattresses & cushions, technical aids and daily living aids for the home care and care home environments for over 20 years


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