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Cylindrical Cushion - Poz' In' Form Expand

Cylindrical Cushion - Poz' In' Form

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Placed between legs, it reduces friction and shearing effects on thighs and knees’ area. It can also be used under ankles to relieve pressure.

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  • Pharmatex
  • Lensing FR

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Effective Positioning

POZ’ IN’ FORM® cushions are designed to perform various support and comfort function to long-term bedridden people. The microfibers prevent from creep effects that are regularly observed in classical positioning and from early deterioration of the support. The various forms, sizes and models of POZ’ IN’ FORM® allow a wide range of positioning possibilities.


Positioning Comfort

The highly effective positioning cushions reinforce proper positioning of the
long-term bedridden by improving abnormal posture, by providing even weight
distribution and by preventing pressure sores while implementing security of use
and limiting microbial infections.


POZ' IN' FORM® elements and modules are entirely removable and washable. They are delivered with a Pharmatex or Lenzing FR® cover.

The Pharmatex bi-elastic cover is made of polyurethane and is particularly recommended for a use in hospitals or in community. Pharmatex is pleasant to the touch and very comfortable next to the skin (like peach skin effect). Its smooth and supple surface is easy to clean.

The Lenzing FR® cover is made of viscose, coated with a waterproof and respirant polyurethane film. Lenzing FR®comfort is a major innovation in positioning of the long-term bedridden. POZ' IN' FORM® Lenzing FR®prevents maceration. Hygroscopic properties of viscose allow moisture absorption. Moreover elasticity and flexibility of Lenzing FR®are particularly suitable for problems regularly observed in classical positioning.


  • Length - 75cm (29.5")
  • Diameter - 18cm (7")


Free delivery to mainland UK within 7-10 days.


Chronically sick or users with a disabling condition qualify for 0% VAT. To purchase at this price we will ask you to complete a VAT exemption form which will be emailed to you after purchase. If you do not complete the form and return it to us we will have to charge you the VAT amount.

Pharmaouest have been manufacturing pressure care products such as air and static mattresses & cushions, technical aids and daily living aids for the home care and care home environments for over 20 years


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