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J3 Carbon Back Rest

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Designed for the active user, the J3 Carbon back rest is ultra lightweight and stylish. It provides stability in the pelvis and lower spine to encourage an optimal spinal curve. It is exceptionally comfortable and help reduce back pain.

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The force that is generated when propelling your wheelchair is transferred more efficiently through a solid back rest into the frame. This means that you're generating greater movement of your wheelchair with less effort.


Lightweight, strong and stylish

Carbon fibre is lightweight and strong, it offers the same strength as aluminium but is 60% lighter. The J3 Carbon back rest reduces the weight a wheelchair user has to push and transfer.


Adjustable to your needs

There are four back heights (from 17cm to 38cm) which focus on the active user with a need for low to moderate posterior trunk support. Mild lateral trunk support is provided by the 5cm contour depth.


Mounting system

There are two different mounting systems available. The rigid system for fixed frame wheelchairs and the quick release system for folding wheelchairs. Both are easy to use and offer the same adjustability.



  • Contour: 5cm
  • Width: 32cm / 36cm / 41cm / 46cm
  • Height: 17cm / 24cm / 30cm / 38cm
  • Cover type: Microclimatic
  • Maximum user weight: 125kg


Chronically sick or users with a disabling condition qualify for 0% VAT. To purchase at this price we will ask you to complete a VAT exemption form which will be emailed to you after purchase. If you do not complete the form and return it to us we will have to charge you the VAT amount.

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