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Tilt Positioning

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  • X7 - Adult Tilt and Recline Wheelchair
    73 X7SP40-45

    The Aktiv X7 is a multi-positional modular wheelchair suitable for full time use.  It has a lightweight aluminium folding frame and can be disassembled for transportation.  The seat depth can be easily adjusted to suit the user and it offers a range of seating and lying positions.Please select at check-out if you qualify for VAT relief.

    £ 1,095.00
  • Rea Clematis Tilt in Space
    93 BKA0001

    Equipped with an angle-adjustable seat, the REA Clematis provides a range of pressure relieving positions. When the seat tilts, the pressure areas shift between the seat and backrest. The REA Clematis also boasts an angle adjustable backrest, which opens up the hip angle for increased comfort.

    £ 1,310.00
  • Breezy RelaX 2
    43 RLX020106

    The Breezy RelaX² is a modern tilt-in-space positioning chair which combines a high level of comfort and functionality.  This wheelchair offers flexibility, adjustability and a wide range of options to suit the individual user.   Please speak to our team before purchasing this product to discuss your requirements. Please select at check-out if you qualify...

    £ 1,625.00
  • Rea Azalea Tilt in Space
    93 BNE9002

    The Invacare REA Azealea tilt in space wheelchair offers perfect fit and comfort, with a wide selection of options and compatibility across the Rea range. It is multi-adjustable and can be easily altered to suit the individual user.

    £ 1,870.00
  • Rea Dahlia Tilt in Space
    93 BVA0010

    The Invacare® Rea Dahlia has a slim and compact wheelbase in a modern design. It incorporates an adjustable centre of gravity option and a light and easy tilt and recline function. The Dahlia features two tilt angles of either 30° or 45°, which improves the positioning capabilities as the tilt and recline options reduce pressure.  It is perfect for...

    £ 1,970.00
  • Ibis Comfort Wheelchair
    43 HCIS

    The new Ibis multi-functional comfort wheelchair is highly adjustable and has a wide range of support and positioning options. It can be easily customised to suit the needs of each client, also in case of changing needs or re-use. The award winning Sedeo Seating System offers maximum comfort.

    £ 1,995.00
  • Zippie TS Tilt in Space

    The Zippie TS is the original, premier paediatric tilt in space wheelchair.  Available with either a folding or rigid wheelchair frame, built-in growth and compatible with many seating and positioning solutions. The Zippie TS has the widest variety of options in the tilt in space market.   This product is not available online, please contact us.

    £ 2,120.00
  • Quickie Iris Tilt in Space

    The superior standard for tilt in space wheelchairs. The Quickie IRIS has 55° of Intelligent Rotation in Space Technology, the broadest range of positioning and caregiver options, and numerous adjustments, it's hard to believe that the IRIS is also the lightest tilt in space wheelchair available today.   This product is not sold online, please contact us.

    £ 2,276.00

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